Thursday, July 21, 2011

Information Regarding Seminar for July 23rd......

Due to the lack of interest, Savvy Coupon Clippers is canceling the seminar that is scheduled for this coming Saturday, July 23rd. We are sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause for some of you.

We have decided that for those of you who are serious about learning the ropes to couponing, we will be more than happy to come to your house and show you and your friends/family. Cost will still be $10 a person, and their must be a minimum of 5 people. Please contact us either through facebook, or email us at rebekahandholly@savvycouponclippers.com

We want to share a few details behind Savvy Coupon Clippers and the cost that it entails to host a seminar ( when we are having to provide a location ), which led to the decision to cancel this weekend's seminar.

Savvy Coupon Clippers is a business that was started to help our family and friends ( online and personal ) save money and to live more frugally. It was started when both of our husbands lost their job. Couponing has become a way of life for us. Yes, we enjoy saving money and teaching others how to as well, but it is also a necessity for our families, and one that we have grown accustom too.

The cost is $10 per person to attend a three hour seminar which literally goes from A-Z on couponing and saving money. Ask anyone who has attended our seminar, they leave with loads of information teaching them how to save money.

The cost to print materials for 20 people ( we prepare for a minimum of 20 ) is roughly between $30-$50.00 ( depending on how many people are expected to attend), after the booklets are printed. It cost us more to print them using our own computer with ink and paper, so we go to an office supply store and spend roughly that amount. We also have to pay for a location. Depending on where that location is, the amount is anywhere from $75 to $110. We also provide light refreshments, and great giveaways. No, we don't have to serve refreshments or have giveaways, but we LOVE doing them for our family and friends, and anyone who attends our seminar is just that.

The last seminar we had, we lost a significant amount of money due to people signing up and not showing up. We could not afford to that this time. Over half of the people who signed up, have singed up for every one of our seminars in the past, and never showed up. We have school starting back which entails buying school clothes and paying tuition,neither which is cheap when dividing that between six children.

When you figure up the amount that we spend on materials, renting a location, providing the food, and the giveaways, we do not come out making money off of people. Yes, sometimes when we travel to do seminars, we make a little extra, but by the time we pay for gas ( we both drive SUV's ) and hotel ( when needed ), we don't make hardly anything. Most of the time, we spend more than we bring in. But, we don't mind doing that when we can because that is Savvy Coupon Clipper's mission, to help people save money. Unfortunately, we could not go " into the red " this time.

We asked everyone who signed up for the class to pay in advance ( we were willing to accept a minimum of ten people,which we would have still be '' in the red ",but we were willing to do that ), and NOT ONE person paid, which led to us having to cancel the seminar.

We have a few seminars that are scheduled out of town, but, we will have another local one soon. And, we will ask for payment in advance.

Don't forget to contact us if you are interested in having a private party at your location, just send us an email and we will make it happen :)

Rebekah and Holly
Savvy Coupon Clippers

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Reminder: Please be sure to register for the upcoming coupon workshop in Brunswick, GA :)

We want to remind everyone who plans to attend our upcoming seminar on July 23rd, at 9a.m., to PLEASE register online.

You can register online by clicking on the event calender which is located at the top of our page on the left hand side.

Location will be announced as we get closer to the event, and we have a better estimate on how many people plan to attend.

Cost is $10 dollars per person and can be paid via PayPal. Just click on the PayPal link that is located on the left hand side of page, just under the event calender.

**Due to people registering and not showing up at past events, and being that we are having to provide location; we MUST have at least ten PAID person(s) before Wednesday, July 20th, at 11:00 PM. **

Please ask ANY questions that you may have. Holly and I look forward to seeing all of you :)

Savvy Coupon Clippers

Monday, June 27, 2011

Planning a trip to Disney? Be sure to sign up and recieve a FREE DVD

Planning a trip to Disney? Want ideas on planning a trip? Click here to sign up for a FREE DVD for information on special offers and ideas to help you plan your trip to Disney :)

Savvy Coupon Clippers

Monday, June 20, 2011

Two Free Cans of Fancy Feast ...

Wow!! Now I am really lovin’ Petco! Currently, you can head on over to Coupons.com, use zip code 77477 and click on the “Pet Care” category (left side) to quickly locate a coupon valid for 2 FREE cans of Fancy Feast Gourmet Cat food or Fancy Feast Elegant Medleys Cat Food, redeemable at Petco! If you are not a cat owner, think about donating these items…

* Coupon valid 6/24-6/25. Must have PALS card.

Holly :)

Additional Coupons you WILL want to print!

Signup to get Access to $5.00-$10.00 in coupons plus Enjoy your favorite Kellogg brands for less with money-saving coupons Get special offers and promotions Be the first to know about new products and the latest innovations at Kellogg Receive the tastiest Kellogg recipes.

Not only will you get all the above but these coupons will match some sales coming up this week and next.  You will want to have these in your possession.

Holly :) 

Coupons.com: New Zest & Johnson’s Product Coupons

Coupons.com released some new Zest and Johnson’s coupons under zip 77477…

Wait for these products to go on sale buy one get free and you are bound to score a sweet deal!  (Just and FYI, The baby powder will most likely be FREE and Harris Teeter this week (Super Doubles) and when Publix puts the Zest BOGO Free this coupon will double and score you some very inexpensive body wash or even FREE!  Don't miss out they don't last long!

Holly :)

Brogen's – St. Simons $7 for $15 Worth of Bar Fare and Drinks


When ordering this voucher choose Jacksonville and Brogens will be on the right side of the page!
Bars have become the meeting places of choice now that libraries, public parks, and desolate midnight crossroads are all under Prohibition. Enjoy a legal and delicious dalliance with today's Groupon: for $7 you get $15 worth of bar fare and drinks at Brogen's. This Groupon is good for its north location on St. Simons Island.

Once a general store that had only two microwaves and cold beer, Brogen's has expanded into a pair of good-timeries with a menu that blends island atmosphere with Southern charm. Raising the stomach's velvet curtain with chili-cheese fries ($4.50), bacon-sprinkled potato skins ($6.25), or onion rings ($4) gives the chefs time to hand-make a burger patty and cook it into the Kokomo burger ($7.50), which hoists a thin slice of ham, cheddar cheese, and a sea of barbecue sauce atop its sizzling shoulders. Brogen's catch of the day ($8.95) arrives fresh—and often still trying to figure out where all the water went—to be blackened, fried, or grilled as diners see fit. To keep a hand open for impromptu swashbuckling, the Brogen's club ($7.50) stacks ham, turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato, swiss, and american cheeses between a choice of breads. Beers arrive frigid and dotted with condensation, putting patrons in the right mindset for nightfall when Brogen's becomes the epicenter for some of the island's wildest bootyquakes.

Holly :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Drum Hike and Wish Upon a Hero ....


My heart was touched this morning while watching the news.  A modern day, Forest Gump, so to speak.  Iraq War Veteran Troy Yocum is hiking 7,000 miles across America, banging his drum and sounding the call for $5 million to help military families in need. With his wife Mareike and Emmie the SuperDog by his side, they took their first step of his 16-month quest on April 17, 2010. Now they have completed the western leg of the journey, all the way from Kentucky to California and have walked back east to Texas.

This journey all began because a fellow Iraq War Veteran fell upon hard times when he was laid off from his job.  He contacted Troy for help.  Troy raised funds for his friend and then decided he wanted to help any other person in need. 

After startling statistics, Troy learned that 18 war veterans per day committ suicide.  Mostly because of the hardships they face.  He wanted to change that.

In Troy Yocum's own words, his mission:

Our soldiers are ready at a moments notice. They don’t pick their battles, but when called to service they respond. Keeping our enemies at bay. Our heroes are champions of freedom not eager for war but willing to sacrifice.

One for the need of many. Many veterans live by this military code and have done so when our country needed it the most. Now it is our NATIONAL HEROES who need our help and its time that we all stand by them with honor.

While one soldier may miss holidays, a birthday, or a birth of a child, others may suffer mentally and develop anxiety, depression or PTSD. Some even sacrifice much more by being injured by road side bombs, being shot or taking shrapnel. Some pay the ultimate price. In any case, we ask a lot of our men and women in uniform and when in their time of strife, who can they call on? That’s where we come in!

OUR MISSION is to further spread the word that our American Heroes are fighting just as hard at home as they do overseas. We hope to provide a peace of mind and lay the foundation for military families in need to succeed. Troy will literally put one foot in front of the other, crossing the great states of America to reach people and help spread the importance of helping our military families.

Our goal is to raise the needed $5 million for these families!

If you find it in your heart to give to this cause you may do so by visiting:

However, if you are a military family in need you can request assistance at:

Blessings on this holiday and always,

Holly :)

♥ Happy Father's Day ♥

Savvy Coupon Clippers would like to wish all the Father's out there a Happy Father's Day! May your day be filled with lots of love, happiness and blessings!

Enjoy your day!
Rebekah and Holly :)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

*HOT* $5/1 Zyrtec Coupon = Better than FREE at CVS

Wowza! Here’s a hot coupon for all you allergy sufferers! Head on over here to snag a coupon good for $5 off any Zyrtec 5 ct. Hurry and print this coupon and then head to CVS for this moneymakin’ deal scenario…

CVS Deal Scenario (valid thru 6/18)

Buy 1 Zyrtec 5 ct. $5.99

Pay as low as $0.99

Get back $5.99 Ecb (limit 1)

Final cost Free + $5 moneymaker!

Holly :)
Savvy Coupon Clippers

Vista Print: Personalized T-Shirt Only $4.41 Shipped

Do you love to share your thoughts?  If so, you may be interested in creating a FREE personalized short sleeve t-shirt from Vista Print!  All you have to pay is shipping, which came to $4.41 for me (I chose the slow 21-day shipping, however, in my experience it never takes close to this long)!  Just head on over here to start creating yours. You could personalize a t-shirt about Tuna and Pickle Relish for only $4.41 shipped! Sweeeeet! :D

Holly :)
Savvy Coupon Clippers

Savvy Savin' Suppers --- Girls' Night Pasta

Girls Night Pasta


16 ounces, weight Rotini Pasta, Cooked

1 whole Roasted Chicken, Picked

1 cup Sun-Dried Tomatoes-diced

½ cups Grated Parmesan Cheese

2 ounces, weight Pine Nuts, Toasted

1 cup Pesto Sauce (or To Taste)

1 cup Reserved Pasta Water (add To Taste)

2 dashes Salt And Pepper, to taste
Preparation Instructions
1. Start off by boiling some salted pasta water, and cook the pasta until almost al dente. Reserve 1 cup of pasta water, then drain the pasta and set it aside (the pasta will finish cooking when you stir in the other ingredients).

2. Pick the chicken, dice the sundried tomatoes, and grate the Parmesan.

3. Lightly toast the pine nuts in a skillet, watching carefully so that they don’t burn.

4. Over low heat, stir the pesto, tomatoes, chicken, and pine nuts into the pasta until incorporated and the pasta is al dente. If the pasta looks dry, add in a splash of pasta water. Keep adding pasta water until the consistency is to your taste. Season with salt and pepper.

5. Serve with Parmesan sprinkled on top.

Holly :)
Savvy Coupon Clippers

New Deals for Groupon ... Savvy Coupon Clippers loves these!

Groupon has become my new best friend.  I get to do all the things I love but at a discounted rate (like half price summer waves tickets and georgia aquarium tickets) and y'all know it aint Savvy to be paying full price for anything.  I will try and post the new Groupon deals for the day each morning but if I don't pick your town or a town near you just click on the same link and change the town.  Men, I know your wives/girlfriends would LOVE these deals.

Savannah, Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia


Remember you can use groupon to your advantage with traveling and vacations.  I am planning a trip to the Daytona/ Orlando are and love nothing more than to find deals for dining out, activities and shows.  I'm sure once you take a peak at groupon, it will to become your best friend.

Holly :)
Savvy Coupon Clippers

Thursday, June 9, 2011

NEW COUPON = Free at Walmart PLUS .34 Overage!

Yeah! Here’s another opportunity to stock up on KY Jelly. Hurry on over here to snag a coupon good for $3 off any KY Jelly product (excluding trial sizes) and then check out how you can use this coupon to snag FREE KY Jelly at Walmart. Keep in mind that this coupon will print with a picture of Yours & Mine but the text states that it can be used for any KY product.

Also remember that as long as the coupon say "On any KY product"  you can use that on ANY product it doesn't have to go for the product pictured on the coupon.  This doesn't just apply to this coupon but all coupons.

Walmart Deal Scenario:

Buy 1 K-Y Jelly 2 oz $2.62

Final Cost FREE + $0.38 overage (this is why I will be purchasing this item)

Now the last time I posted a KY deal I got some rude comments/emails.  So for all my loyal SCC fans.  Here's a list of alternative uses for KY Jelly.

Remove Tight or Stuck-on Rings lip gloss

Lubricate Sticky Zippers

Loosen Stick Price Tags and Product Labels

Untangle Knotted Jewelry Chains

Shine your Patent Leather

lubricate a Fishing Rod Reel

Skin-So-Soft lotion (great for people with eczema)

Bug repellent,

Brass brightener

Floor wax

Loosening of tight nuts (as in bolts)

Inserting keys into cold locks

Good for getting bubble gum out of your hair

Pre-shave treatment for supersmooth legs

Massage oil

Hair gel (LOL )

Makeup remover

Freeze it in a ziploc bag and use as an icepack or for puffy eyes





Yippee!! Tiny Prints is offering up yet another free card promo! Just head on over here to personalize a Father’s Day Card of your choice. At checkout, use the coupon code FREEFD which will make the card FREE!! You can choose to have the card mailed to yourself for FREE or you can have Tiny Prints mail the card to the recipient for only the cost of a stamp (just 44¢!). Keep in mind that the code FREEFD expires on June 13th.

And keep in mind, these are not just the typical greeting cards that you grab at the grocery or drug store. Tiny Prints offers up an adorable selection of cards that you personalize with photographs and your own special messages. As I have stated on many occasions, I have personally created several different cards from Tiny Prints and was so impressed with the quality and customer service that I received.

Check out what other readers have recently had to say about Tiny Prints:

I adore Tiny Prints- get ALL my cards through them! They are awesome!
Thanks for sharing. I LOVE Tiny Prints cards. They’re the only place I get greeting cards anymore.

I LOVE Tiny Print cards. they are the cutest and the best quality cards. I got this freebie and made my husband a beautiful card from our little girls for Father’s Day.

I just got the 2 cards I ordered from Tiny Prints in the mail today. They turned out great, I love them! They came on the exact date also. Definitely recommend this site =]

Holly :)

THANKS, Collin!


Hey y'all!  While I was snooping around coupons.com to find any new coupons to tell y'all about.  I came across a rare $2.00 off Kaytee Wild Bird Food!  This is extremely rare, I'm not sure I have ever seen a bird food coupon.  This should snag you some really cheaper or even free bird feed!  Click HERE to print yours today! 

TGIF, almost!
Happy Shopping!
Holly :)
Savvy Coupon Clippers!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

List of Fraudulent Coupons and Extreme Couponing

As the usage of coupons continue to rise within our nation, so does the use of coupon fraud.

I don't think that many people realize when they are committing coupon fraud, but Savvy Coupon Clippers takes time in educating people about this topic.

Why do we spend time reinforcing this issue?

It's quite simple.
Holly and I rely on the ability to use coupons. Yes, we enjoy teaching others how to save like we do, and we enjoy finding and posting deals for each of you.  BUT, " clipping coupons " is not a hobby for us, as much as it is a necessity right now.

We can't afford to lose our privileges because there are those who don't want to be honest with coupons.

I have had several people say to me, " It's just a $.50 coupon, what's that in comparisons to what the store makes off people? What's the big deal?"
 Well, my friends..It is a BIG deal, especially when you have hundreds, and I mean hundreds of people that feel the same way as this person does.
It eventually causes problems, and makes retailers rethink their options as far as coupon usage.

Coupon fraud has MAJOR consequences: Click Here for charges and sentencing information.

I am also including a link that you can access, that has the latest coupons that were fraudulent. Now, mind you; some of these coupons that are listed LOOK as they are fraudulent, and there are some that could have passed through my hands and I would have never guessed ( if a person was using one, I can tell when multiple copies have been made )

Click Here to access the list.

I also want to point out, although most of these coupons that are on this list were coupons that someone had ACTUALLY made, the consequences are almost the same for those who choose to abuse coupon usage by making MULTIPLE copies of the same coupons.

I also want to share with you a post regarding TLC's newest series Extreme Couponing. Holly and I could go on for days about this show, and how it goes against almost everything that we teach in our classes and how we use coupons. But, for now, I will leave you with this link. Click here

Savvy Coupon Clippers

Kids eat FREE at Chili's today ! May 24th..

Got kids to feed tonight? Do you have a Chili's nearby? ( we don't have one..frown ) Want a night off from cooking ? Then head over here and print your coupon for a FREE Kid's meal with purchase of an adult entree.

*FOR CHILDREN 12 and under, as always, ask your restaurant if they will accept your coupon. Some stores have various policies when regarding coupons.*

Enjoy :)

Savvy Coupon Clippers

Thanks Melanie for sharing this deal !

Unique ID Numbers on Printable Coupons

**This is an older post, but I have had several people ask me about this in the past few days, so I thought I would this with all of you again, for those who are having trouble using Internet coupons.**

We have had several of you email us about having issues with using Internet coupons at various stores, because of the coupons having the " same " numbers.

No matter how many times you print the same coupon, it will ALWAYS have a unique four digit number on each one. It will never have the same numbers, UNLESS it is a store coupon or " pdf " coupon. ( there are a few that will have the same numbers that are not store coupons or " pdf " , but these are rare )

The coupons that come from redplum, smartsouce, bricks ,manufacturer websites, and coupons.com, will have a different set of numbers EVERY time it is printed legitimately.

I am posting an example below to show you what numbers to look for when the cashier tells you that the coupon was " copied " because the numbers are the " same ".

The numbers that I have circled in " red " are the four numbers that will be DIFFERENT each time it is printed from a computer ( except for the exceptions that I listed above ). When a cashier tells you that your coupon is a " copy " , KINDLY show them these four numbers, and they will see that you do have legit multiples of coupons.

Hope this helps !  There are several other " Savvy Tips " that we have posted in the past, look under the label that reads " Savvy Tips " on the left hand side of the page.


Fresh Home Magazine ONLY $3.99 For a Year....


Tanga has a pretty sweet deal today..  Right now you can get a year subscription to Fresh Home for only $3.99 !
Click here and just enter the code FRESH at checkout to reflect the $3.99. You can also get up to 3 years for only $11.97.
As with all deals, I don't know how long the price will stay at $3.99. So, snatch yours up while it's still a deal :)

Savvy Coupon Clippers

Monday, May 23, 2011

FREE Sample of Avery Sticker Notes

Looks like this deal is on again, I just requested my FREE sample :)

Click here to request your FREE sample of Avery Sticky Notes

Savvy Coupon Clippers

Thanks One Chic Mama for sharing :)

Another GREAT BOGO Coupon, Lean Pockets :)

Lean Pockets

Another GREAT coupon to PRINT :)

Head over here and " like " Lean Pockets on facebook, and you will be able to PRINT a coupon for a BOGO :)

As with all high value coupons, I don't know how long this will last, so print yours now so you don't miss out !

Savvy Coupon Clippers

Thanks Heather for sharing this :)

BOGO Old Orchard Cranberry Naturals Coupon :)

Great coupon to PRINT :)

Right now, you can PRINT a coupon for BOGO Old Orchard Cranberry Naturals Coupon. Go ahead and print this coupon, and we will be able to match it up a great sale in the next few weeks. If you see a deal now, please let us know :)

Savvy Coupon Clippers

*NEW* Publix Coupon Policy for our local area ( Brunswick, GA )

As many of you know, Publix released a NEW coupon policy ( click here to view ).

For our local store, I only see a few changes :

- No more stacking three coupons on one item ( i.e.store q,man q,and comp q )
We will only be allowed to use ONE Manufacturer coupon and EITHER a Store coupon  OR a Competitor coupon, but not both.

- Family Dollar and Dollar General are no longer considered competitors.
Food Lion
Harris Teeter
Target ( I was thankful to see them still accept these, alot of Publix stores are no longer accepting Target coupons )

Those are really the only BIG differences that I see regarding the new policy. Remember, this is just for the Brunswick, GA location. Every store will have their own stores as to whom they will consider a competitor. Although we do not have a Food Lion that is local, I am glad to see that we can use the Food Lion Internet coupons for more savings :)

Savvy Coupon Clippers

Friday, May 20, 2011

FREE Credit Score with Credit Karma ( It really is FREE, no strings attached )

Click here to obtain your FREE credit score with Credit Karma. I have used this site for years now, and have never had any compromise with identity theft, and the score has proven to be an average score compared to banks and lenders.

Savvy Coupon Clippers

NEW Kellogg's Coupons :)

Kellogg's has released a few NEW coupons :)  I am not sure how long these will be available, so if you see a coupon for an item that you normally buy, go ahead and print it.

Click here to register with Kellogg's ( or sign in if you are already a member, you may have access to the coupons ).

Savvy Coupon Clippers

Monday, May 9, 2011

How bout' a free lunch?!??! I know I am all about it!

Wow! Head on over to the Arby’s Facebook page, “like” them and click on the “Chicken Salad Taste-off” tab to print a *HOT* coupon valid for a FREE Market Fresh Grilled Chicken & Pecan Salad sandwich with any 22 oz Pepsi Beverage. This coupon is valid through 5/15. This is an awesome coupon to print as it should make for a VERY inexpensive lunch!

Holly :)
Savvy Coupon Clippers

High Value $3/1 Birds Eye Voila! Skillet Meals Coupon is Back!

Woo Hoo! Check out what Birds Eye Vegetables just stated on their Facebook Wall

Last month’s Birds Eye® Voila!® Family Size coupons went so quick, we’re bringing them back! Visit the “Birds Eye Voila! Coupon!” tab for a chance to win $1-$3 in savings! Good luck! (I snagged 2 $3 off coupons!)

If you want to snag this coupon for yourself, head on over to the Birds Eye Facebook page, “like” them and then click on the coupon tab to snag a coupon up to $3 off. You will need to spin to determine the value of your coupon (anywhere from $1-$3 off); however, keep in mind that I was able to spin multiple times until I snagged the $3/1 coupon. You’ll also want to make sure that your pop-up blocker is off.

Holly :)
Savvy Coupon Clippers

Free Zantac Sample.... YAY!

Free sample of Zantac!  I don't know about you but these little samples come in handy!  I keep them in the console of my car and when my husband starts to complain about heart burn!  I am always to the rescue... LOL!  Click HERE to request your sample today! 

Holly :)
Savvy Coupon Clippers

♥ Daily Bible Guide ♥

Good Morning!

Just wanted to share a new find.  I am certainly not one to change my toolbar.  I am quite fond of it BUT when I came across this new toolbar.  It was as if someone was telling me (maybe god) to get it.  So I downloaded it AND absolutely love it.  A few things I love about it are:

♥ One click access to Bible verses, notable chrisitan quotes, a helpful Bible passage search feature and more!

♥ Continually updated for daily faith-building and fulfillment!


What better than getting daily inspiration each time your log on to the internet.  I love it.  I look forward to seeing what it says each day and being able to have everything available to me with just a click. 

Be sure to check it out, Click HERE, and let us know if you like it, as well as, any features you find.


Holly :)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Coupon Preview :(

This week we will not have any inserts in our Sunday Paper (Insert Sad Face, Stomping and Pouting) . Click HERE, If you would like to take a peak at this year coupon schedule. Remember Rebekah and I are always here to help if you have questions on how to matchup your coupons with a specific sale. You can either comment us below(it helps our other readers, as well) the post or email us, HERE.

Holly :)

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Weekly Round Up: Don't miss these items.

I just wanted to remind everyone that today is the last day of the month.  Many of these items will no longer be available after midnight tonight.  So make sure you don't miss any of these deals, steals or samples!

Holly :)
Savvy Coupon Clippers

♥ Savvy Savin' Supper ♥ Recipe: Grilled Mojito Chicken



3 chicken breasts ($2.65) ($1 lb at Harvey's this past week)

1/4 cup olive oil ($.40)

3 Tbsp lime juice ($.10)

2 Tbsp sugar ($.05)

1 tsp salt

Few dashes of pepper

1 cup fresh chopped mint leaves (from the garden)

4 cups of Rice with Garden Greens ($.35)

16 oz. bag frozen mixed vegetables ($.68)


1. Marinate chicken breasts in mojito sauce for at least 30 minutes in the fridge. Whisk olive oil, lime juice, sugar, salt, pepper and fresh chopped mint leaves.

2. Bake at 350 for 50-60 minutes, or until chicken is no longer pink in the middle. OR, Grill chicken breasts for 6-8 minutes on each side, or until no longer pink in the middle. Cooking times will vary depending on thickness of the chicken and heat of the grill. (OR

3. Reheat Rice with Garden Greens.

4. Cook frozen vegetables according to package instructions!

5. Serve Grilled Mojito Chicken with Rice with Garden Greens and Mixed Veggies.

Cost $4.23

mojito chicken Grilled Mojito Chicken   $5 Dinner Challenge

High Value $4/2 DiGiorno Pizza & Sides Coupon

Head on over to the DiGiorno Facebook page, “like” them, and then click on the “Coupon” tab to print a high value coupon valid for $4 off 2 packages of DiGiorno Pizza & Sides – Pizza & Wyngz, Pizza & Cookies or Pizza & Breadsticks! Anyone know the regular cost of these?!

There are only a limited amount of coupons, so hurry and print!

Holly :)
Savvy Coupon Clippers

FREE Wellness Natural Pet Food Sample

Hurry on over to the Wellness Natural Foods for Pets Facebook page, “like” them and then click on the “Get a Free Sample” tab to request a FREE sample of Wellness Pet Food!

Holly :)
Savvy Coupon Clippers

Rare FREE Hunts Ketchup with Hebrew National Hot Dog Purchase Coupon

Here’s a coupon you don’t see too often… just go here to print a SmartSource coupon valid for a FREE 13.5 oz Hunts Ketchup (up to $1.39 value) when you buy a Package of Hebrew National Hot Dogs! You should be able to print 2 coupons per computer.

Holly :)
Savvy Coupon Clippers

A Few Coupons.com Coupons have Reset?! (+ $2/1 Wardley Nutrition Coupon = FREE Fish Food!)

Well, it appears that a few coupons have reset on Coupons.com. You may want to head on over there and see if you can print some of your favorite coupons again. One coupon to note is this $2/1 Wardley Advanced Nutrition Product! This coupon will most likely result in FREE fish food! Petco and Walmart sell the small packages of Wardley Advanced Nutrition Fish Flake Food for around $2, so possibly FREE after the coupon!

Holly :)
Savvy Coupon Clippers

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Family Dollar: $5 off $25 Purchase Printable Coupon

Now through April 5th, get $5 off any $25 purchase at Family Dollar stores with this printable coupon.

Before heading out check out all the other store coupons they have.

Holly :)
Savvy Coupon Clippers

Enter Sweet Spring Sweepstakes = FREE Chocolate

Hurry over to the Kudzu Facebook Page ,”like” them and click on the “Win $5,000… AGAIN!” tab (left hand side) to enter their $5,000 Sweet Spring Spruce Up Sweepstakes! Plus, the first 200,000 who enter will receive a FREE Chocolate Bar!

Holly :)
Savvy Coupon Clippers

FREE Photo Books for Troops Stationed Abroad

For a limited time, friends and family can create a 20-page personal photo book and ship it to any APO, FPO or MPO address for FREE (RocketLife prints the books for free and the USO pays for shipping)! These full-color, 5”x7” softcover books hold more than 60 photos and fit perfectly in a soldier’s cargo pant pocket.

All you need to do is head on over here, click on the “Get Your Promo Code” button to generate a coupon code, and then launch the RocketLife software. RocketLife’s Smart Arrangement technology will help you create a unique photo book in as little as three minutes or customize it extensively with hundreds of graphic themes, styled text, blending effects and billions of border styles. You can even choose to copy your photo book layout onto any other item in the catalog, from key tags to coffee mugs. (Keep in mind that any additional purchases through the site benefit the work of the USO.)

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FREE Truvia Natural Sweetener Sample

Go here, scroll down and fill out the simple form to possibly score a FREE Truvia Natural Sweetener sample! The first 5,500 to complete the form will snag a FREE sample.

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Target: FREE Purex Complete Crystals Softener?!

WooHoo! Target currently has the Purex Complete Crystals on a price cut for just $2.99. Please note that this may be a regional price cut, so you may want to call your local Target to see if this price is in fact available in your area. If so, you can actually score FREE Purex Complete Crystals…

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