Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Unique ID Numbers on Printable Coupons

**This is an older post, but I have had several people ask me about this in the past few days, so I thought I would this with all of you again, for those who are having trouble using Internet coupons.**

We have had several of you email us about having issues with using Internet coupons at various stores, because of the coupons having the " same " numbers.

No matter how many times you print the same coupon, it will ALWAYS have a unique four digit number on each one. It will never have the same numbers, UNLESS it is a store coupon or " pdf " coupon. ( there are a few that will have the same numbers that are not store coupons or " pdf " , but these are rare )

The coupons that come from redplum, smartsouce, bricks ,manufacturer websites, and coupons.com, will have a different set of numbers EVERY time it is printed legitimately.

I am posting an example below to show you what numbers to look for when the cashier tells you that the coupon was " copied " because the numbers are the " same ".

The numbers that I have circled in " red " are the four numbers that will be DIFFERENT each time it is printed from a computer ( except for the exceptions that I listed above ). When a cashier tells you that your coupon is a " copy " , KINDLY show them these four numbers, and they will see that you do have legit multiples of coupons.

Hope this helps !  There are several other " Savvy Tips " that we have posted in the past, look under the label that reads " Savvy Tips " on the left hand side of the page.


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Iva said...

Thanks for commenting about this. I had issues last weekend when a friend and I went to the Publix in Brunswick, GA, only be told that we could use one internet coupon of the same kind. We were confused because we had never looked closely at them to discover that while the bar codes are the same, the pin numbers are different. Now we know better!