Thursday, July 21, 2011

Information Regarding Seminar for July 23rd......

Due to the lack of interest, Savvy Coupon Clippers is canceling the seminar that is scheduled for this coming Saturday, July 23rd. We are sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause for some of you.

We have decided that for those of you who are serious about learning the ropes to couponing, we will be more than happy to come to your house and show you and your friends/family. Cost will still be $10 a person, and their must be a minimum of 5 people. Please contact us either through facebook, or email us at rebekahandholly@savvycouponclippers.com

We want to share a few details behind Savvy Coupon Clippers and the cost that it entails to host a seminar ( when we are having to provide a location ), which led to the decision to cancel this weekend's seminar.

Savvy Coupon Clippers is a business that was started to help our family and friends ( online and personal ) save money and to live more frugally. It was started when both of our husbands lost their job. Couponing has become a way of life for us. Yes, we enjoy saving money and teaching others how to as well, but it is also a necessity for our families, and one that we have grown accustom too.

The cost is $10 per person to attend a three hour seminar which literally goes from A-Z on couponing and saving money. Ask anyone who has attended our seminar, they leave with loads of information teaching them how to save money.

The cost to print materials for 20 people ( we prepare for a minimum of 20 ) is roughly between $30-$50.00 ( depending on how many people are expected to attend), after the booklets are printed. It cost us more to print them using our own computer with ink and paper, so we go to an office supply store and spend roughly that amount. We also have to pay for a location. Depending on where that location is, the amount is anywhere from $75 to $110. We also provide light refreshments, and great giveaways. No, we don't have to serve refreshments or have giveaways, but we LOVE doing them for our family and friends, and anyone who attends our seminar is just that.

The last seminar we had, we lost a significant amount of money due to people signing up and not showing up. We could not afford to that this time. Over half of the people who signed up, have singed up for every one of our seminars in the past, and never showed up. We have school starting back which entails buying school clothes and paying tuition,neither which is cheap when dividing that between six children.

When you figure up the amount that we spend on materials, renting a location, providing the food, and the giveaways, we do not come out making money off of people. Yes, sometimes when we travel to do seminars, we make a little extra, but by the time we pay for gas ( we both drive SUV's ) and hotel ( when needed ), we don't make hardly anything. Most of the time, we spend more than we bring in. But, we don't mind doing that when we can because that is Savvy Coupon Clipper's mission, to help people save money. Unfortunately, we could not go " into the red " this time.

We asked everyone who signed up for the class to pay in advance ( we were willing to accept a minimum of ten people,which we would have still be '' in the red ",but we were willing to do that ), and NOT ONE person paid, which led to us having to cancel the seminar.

We have a few seminars that are scheduled out of town, but, we will have another local one soon. And, we will ask for payment in advance.

Don't forget to contact us if you are interested in having a private party at your location, just send us an email and we will make it happen :)

Rebekah and Holly
Savvy Coupon Clippers

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