Monday, May 23, 2011

*NEW* Publix Coupon Policy for our local area ( Brunswick, GA )

As many of you know, Publix released a NEW coupon policy ( click here to view ).

For our local store, I only see a few changes :

- No more stacking three coupons on one item ( i.e.store q,man q,and comp q )
We will only be allowed to use ONE Manufacturer coupon and EITHER a Store coupon  OR a Competitor coupon, but not both.

- Family Dollar and Dollar General are no longer considered competitors.
Food Lion
Harris Teeter
Target ( I was thankful to see them still accept these, alot of Publix stores are no longer accepting Target coupons )

Those are really the only BIG differences that I see regarding the new policy. Remember, this is just for the Brunswick, GA location. Every store will have their own stores as to whom they will consider a competitor. Although we do not have a Food Lion that is local, I am glad to see that we can use the Food Lion Internet coupons for more savings :)

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