Thursday, June 16, 2011

New Deals for Groupon ... Savvy Coupon Clippers loves these!

Groupon has become my new best friend.  I get to do all the things I love but at a discounted rate (like half price summer waves tickets and georgia aquarium tickets) and y'all know it aint Savvy to be paying full price for anything.  I will try and post the new Groupon deals for the day each morning but if I don't pick your town or a town near you just click on the same link and change the town.  Men, I know your wives/girlfriends would LOVE these deals.

Savannah, Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia


Remember you can use groupon to your advantage with traveling and vacations.  I am planning a trip to the Daytona/ Orlando are and love nothing more than to find deals for dining out, activities and shows.  I'm sure once you take a peak at groupon, it will to become your best friend.

Holly :)
Savvy Coupon Clippers

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