Friday, December 31, 2010

Today's The Last Day To Enter The Giveaway....

Collection Giveaway.


The Giveaway deadline is tonight at 11:59pm!  Make sure your entries are in!  I have had numerous emails about how this will work so here's the plan.

1.  Each entry is assigned a number.  All numbers will be entered in to randomizer.  Randomizer will randomly choose 3 numbers.  The winners will be chosen in the order the numbers appear and the order of the prizes ie: Cash or Giftcard, Bath and Body Works then Starbucks.

2.  I will post the names of the winners with the prices won tomorrow morning.  If an email was provided I will email each winner.  If the winner did not provide me with an email address it will be up to the winner to contact me.

3.  I will be sending all prizes off on Tuesday, I will need address' before then.


Holly :)

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