Monday, November 15, 2010

Walmart and Old Navy to open at 12 a.m. on Black Friday !

Is it me, or do the stores seem to be opening earlier each year on Black Friday ??

The way things are looking for this year, I might just be home and in my comfy bed by 5 a.m. instead of shopping with the "crazies" :)

According to this site, and this site, Walmart and Old Navy are to be opening their doors at 12 midnight this year !

Reason given: To compete with the other retailers.

What is your ritual with Black Friday ?

Do you participate in the " cyber sales " in your pj's?

Do you shop with the "crazies " like me ?

Do you just bypass the whole thing with zzzzzzz's ?

Leave a comment and tell us your BF rituals...

Happy Holidays :)


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