Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Preview for " Black Friday "

If you read my post from yesterday, then you know by now that I LOVE Black Friday..and ALL the things that go with it..

Some call me crazy..and that's ok..

My sweet friend Jennifer and I went shopping on Black Friday in 2006, and we have made it a " ritual " ever since.

We LOVE getting to the stores in the " wee hours " of the morning, and experiencing all the craziness with the crowds. It' like an " adrenaline rush " for us :)

Some say that Black Friday is a marketing tactic to get people to spend more money, while that probably has some truth to it, for us, it is a time that takes place ONCE a year, and we LOVE going together, since we LOVE SHOPPING !

And, you better believe that we will be rocking the COUPONS this year ! ( I will post the coupons for our local stores and a few others once we get closer to the day )

So, if you are a " Black Friday " crazed person like we are, then you know it takes PLANNING and PREPARATION !

And, this year we have Afullcup to help us do this. This site is actually the MAIN site that I started with when I became obsessed with coupons. Afullcup has made a HUGE impact in my life, as far as saving money and using coupons.

This year, Afullcup has brought us a GREAT sneak peak to the Black Friday Ads for many of the stores, and if you follow the forums and read through them, you will LEARN lots of info as far as sales, and store promotions that sometimes are not listed in the BF Ads.

Happy Holidays !


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