Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Grocery Stockpile :)

In the last couple of weeks, I have been asked numerous times about my "stockpile".  Even in Walmart today, I was talking to a lady whom I overheard her talking about a recent couponing experience, she said " I don't have a problem with couponing, it's where to put all my groceries once I get them home.  So, I am showing you my system, it works for me.  May not for you.

Above is one of the shelves in my pantry.  It mainly holds all of my grocery items.  All of my cleaning and toiletry items are on an identical shelf to the left of this one.  I like things to be easily accessible.  With 3 kids (usually 4 or more) I don't have time to search for items.  I like to go straight into my pantry and get what I need. :)

Top Shelf:  Cereal.  (6 weeks worth.  We don't eat alot of cereal, maybe once a week but each one likes a different brand)  Captain Crunch, Raisin Brand, Cheerios.

2nd Shelf: Grains and Baking Items:  Pasta, Grits, Rice, Sugars and Flours.

Third Shelf:  Can Goods.  I try to keep this section very stocked.  Canned vegetables, fruits, and soups generally don't expire for a few years.  Check your expiration dates. 

Fourth Shelf:  Condiments and Seasonings: BBQ Sauce, Dressings, Mayo, Mustard, Pickles, etc.

Bottom Shelf:  Paper Towels, Juices, Soda, and Cooking oils.

Hope this helps.


Holly :)

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