Friday, November 12, 2010

Great Stocking Stuffers UNDER a Dollar :)

I ALWAYS forget that Michaels has a GREAT selection of " dollar items " in their stores.

I mean, you can EASILY make a " goodie " bag or " birthday " bag on the CHEAP with the $1.00 items at this store !

And, when I was in there today...

I was reminded that these $1.00 items would also make GREAT stocking stuffers for the kiddos !

Now, there are some things that are " cheap ", and will not last longer then two minutes, but for the most part, these items are educational and kid friendly.

So, when you are FRESH out of ideas for stocking stuffers, head over to your nearest Micheals store ( if you have one in the area, I don't want you savvy sisters taking a 2 hour road trip to fill that stocking..in that case, stick with the Dollar Tree ! )

Happy Holidays !


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