Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What to do with all the freebies we get....

food drive clip art

I just wanted to post a quick note.  A friend of mine made the comment today that she doesn't always get the free items posted on the website.  When I asked her "Why"?  Her response was she's 1 brand loyal (she likes what she likes) 2 it's sometimes not things she will use or needs. 

So this got me to thinking how many other people pass up free samples, free deals, free coupons, free cookbooks, etc. 

Rebekah and I have been doing this for a while now and now I am going to challenge you.  When we post items that are "free" I want each of you to fill out for it.  Lots of time's it merely takes 30 seconds of your time.  What I want you to do it take a box, basket, bag whatever and when the items you don't use come in place them in these box's.  Donate them to shelters, church's, a friend in need, whomever.  Someone can use these items.  Even items at the grocery store that with coupons ends up free... give them away. 

Not only will you feel good about doing something to make a difference, BUT the difference you make may be the hope someone needs.

Think about it.

Holly :)