Sunday, January 16, 2011

Time to Collect those Expired Coupons!

For those of you who want to take part in helping our military families overseas by gathering your expired coupons, PLEASE start getting them together.

The families can only use manufacturers coupons (no store coupons), and they cannot be Internet printables.

Rebekah and I will come to you to pick them up if you are within the Brunswick, GA area. For those who live outside of our area and would like to mail them to us, please contact us for an address.

If you missed our previous post, here is a quick overview :

"Savvy Coupon Clippers has teamed up with an oversees Military base, and will be sending expired coupons to families that will be able to use these coupons at their commissaries. These families can use coupons that are expired up to six months past expiration dates.They can only use manufacture coupons ( not store coupons ), and they cannot be INTERNET printables. This is a great way to help our military families overseas and to honor our men and women that are in the service, and their families"

Please let us know if you would to participate, we will be mailing them on Jan, 31st, that gives you around 15 days to get your Q's together :)

Holly :)

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