Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Cellfire Coupons Available

New Cellfire coupons are available today for Kroger, King Soopers, Fry’s, QFC, Ralphs, Smith’s and now Fred Meyer shoppers. ShopRite Cellfire coupons will be available on 1/16/11 . Load up your store card here and your discounts will be automatically deducted when you use your card. Here are some of the coupons available:

■$0.50/2 any flavor/variety Pillsbury® Toaster Strudel® Pastries.

■$0.60/3 any flavor/variety Totinos® Crisp Crust Party Pizza® Products.

■$0.50/1 any variety Green Giant® Just for One® vegetables.

■$0.40/2 Pillsbury® Sweet Rolls OR Grands!® Sweet Rolls.

■$0.30/2 any size/variety Refrigerated Pillsbury® Grands!® Biscuits.

■$0.40/2 Pillsbury® Italian Meal Breads (Includes any Loaves, Breadsticks, Dinner Rolls, and Pizza Crust).

■$0.40/2 PACKAGES any flavor/variety Totino’s® Rolls Snacks.

■$1/2 PACKAGES any variety Pillsbury® Refrigerated Cookie Dough.

■$0.50/2 CANS any flavor Progresso® Soups.

■$0.50/2 BOXES any flavor/variety Betty Crocker® Fruit Shapes, Fruit by the Foot®, Fruit Gushers® OR Fruit Roll-Ups® fruit flavored snacks.

■$0.50/1 BOX any flavor Fiber One® Chewy Bars OR Fiber One® 90 Calorie Chewy Bars.

■$0.40/1 POUCH any flavor 17.5 OZ. OR LARGER Betty Crocker® Cookie Mix.

■$0.50/1 any flavor 8 OZ. OR LARGER Gardetto’s® Snack Mix.

■$0.75/1 BOX Kix® cereal listed: Kix®, Berry Berry Kix®, Honey Kix®.

■$0.55/1 BOX Original Cheerios® cereal (the one in the yellow box).

■$0.75/1BOX Golden Grahams® cereal.

■$0.50/2 any flavor 4.5 OZ. OR LARGER Chex Mix® OR Chex® 100 Calorie Snack.

■$.50 when you buy BOTH Betty Crocker® SuperMoist® Cake Mix AND Betty Crocker® Ready to Spread Frosting (any flavors/varieties).

■$1/2 Pillsbury® Refrigerated Holiday Cookies.

■$1/1 any flavor Yoplait® Fiber One® Yogurt Multipacks.

■$0.50/2 any variety Green Giant® Valley Fresh Steamers® frozen vegetables.

■$0.75/2 any flavor Yoplait® products listed: Yoplait® Go-GURT® Yogurt, Yoplait® Trix® Multipack Yogurt, Yoplait® Splitz(TM) Yogurt.

■$2/1 any Cortaid® Anti-itch product.

■$1/2, microwavable bowl or Healthy Request® varieties of Campbell’s® Select Harvest® soup.
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