Monday, November 15, 2010

FREE Jewerly ??

Free Jewelry ? Thanks to one of our readers, Courtney F., we have discovered the Silver Jewelry Club !

Silver Jewelry Club is a website that manufactures different pieces of jewelry. As part of their promotion of their product, they are offering FREE sample of their pieces, and you just pay shipping which is $6.99.

They offer different pieces every 15 minutes through out the day.

Just click on the image above to take a look, and see what they offer :)

I have not personally ordered from this company, as I just found out about them. But, they are registered through Pay Pal, which is a confidence booster. Pay Pal has a reputation of consciously selecting their associates, so I am confident that this company is legit.

If you have had experiences with this company before, please share your thoughts.

Happy Holidays !


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