Friday, October 29, 2010

Well, what had happen was.....

Well, what had happen was.....

Holly and I were trying to come up with an " excuse " to take the weekend off....Because....

For those of you who live in Georgia/Florida, know where this is going..

The weekend is OFF LIMITS to get on the computer. It is a MAJOR day tomorrow ( Saturday ) in this town. 

It is a day where we go ALL OUT in supporting our Dawgs :)

It is a day filled with Family cookouts, loud T.V.'S, vehicles sporting RED and BLACK, and Gentlemen's Outfitters raking in the dough !

Know what day it is now ?

Yep..you guessed it !

        It's the ANNUAL

Georgia - Florida Football Game !!

This is a SERIOUS day in the world of football, and for those who live on either side on the Georgia/Florida state line !

With that being said, Savvy Coupon Clippers will be taking a " hiatus " this weekend !

We have the football festivities, and Fall Festivities on Sunday.

But, before we do any of that..We will be heading to Hinesville, GA in the morning for a seminar. We are so excited to be speaking at First Presbyterian Church :)

A few rules for the weekend:

Stay off the computer

Spend time with your families

Give Thanks to the Lord

We will be back on Monday with a new GIVEAWAY, and a few other announcements.

(We will be checking through out the weekend to see if there are any GREAT/Can't live without deals, and if we spot one..It will be posted..You didn't think we were actually gonna go AWOL did yah ? )

Stay Tuned...

Go Dawgs !!


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