Friday, October 29, 2010

Soy - Based Formula On Clearance At Harvey's !

I just received an email from one of our readers, Ms. Pam about the following deal at our local Harvey's.

Check it out : ( note, this is for the store in  Brunswick, GA. Check your local store, you may just be able to score the same deal )

"I just saw Food Lion brand Soy based Baby Formula (large can of powder) on clearance for $2.97.It is located at the Harvey's at the Spur & Perry Lane road on the top shelf of the clearance rack located in the back beside the gallons of regular milk. I did look at the expiration date (thinking it might be near date) but it doesn't expire until January. This would be a great deal for someone who uses Soy formula. There was about 6-8 cans left. "
I don't know what the reg.price is for this brand, but for less than $3 bucks for a large can of formula sounds like a deal to me :)
Thanks Ms. Pam for the heads up !

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