Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It's That Time Again...Get out your binders,files,and whatever else you have your coupons in and get READY !!

Bazow !!!

It is SUPER DOUBLES next week at Harris Teeter..11/03-11/09 !!!

I will admit, I do wish it was Triples, but I will settle for Super Doubles :)

Get out your coupons that are under $1.75 and are $1.00 or over and head over HERE to start checking prices and see what kind of deals you will be able to score.
 I am sending you to the Harris Teeter website, because you will be able to access their " express shopping lane ", where you will pick your store locations and you can check the store prices. NOT every location will be on here, but hopefully yours will be :)

Harris Teeter ONLY allows 20 coupons a day to be doubled. Holly and I do make multiple trips during Harris Teeter because of this. Hey, it's FREE, so it is worth it to us !

**Because Harris Teeter doubles coupons up to $.99 everyday, DON'T use your coupons that are under $1.00, UNLESS it will be FREE or close to it. Just hold on to those for a great deal to come along.Unless they are about to expire, and you do not have a sale to match them up with**

Have fun getting your coupons together :) I can't wait for everyone to share their HT Super Doubles stories with us next week !

Many thanks to Hot Coupon World for the heads up :)


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